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CCA Portal

September 2017

Last updated on Jun 25, 2018


September 28, 2017

This release refined the work done in 0.3.02 on the Campus News tab, and made the tab visible to the CCA community. It also includes important fixes to the Student Application, and many small improvements to the editor experience for content managers across Portal.

This release is the first to roll out incrementally, as each feature became ready. This will be the pattern going forward, and should result in a more stable Portal site and shorter wait times for bug fixes to go live.


Campus News

  • Added permissions to control who can edit the content
  • Style and layout improvements

People Directory

  • Style and layout improvements
  • Added an error message when someone attempts to upload a profile image that is too large.
  • Fixed a bug that caused blank cards to show up in search

Content Management

  • Improved editor experience
  • Fixed confusing language

Enrollment Data for Moodle

  • Moved Moodle data and scripts to separate and more stable server environment

Student Application

  • Send notifications when recommendations don’t successfully upload to Workday
  • Made sure recommendations for students applying to dual degree programs are visible in both applications in Workday
  • Added message for when there are no admissions events found for the given filters
  • Will now send useful document to admissions staff when Portal can’t submit to Workday automatically


  • Transitioned team process to “Continuous Deployment”, so that new features and bugfixes land in Portal as soon as they are ready to go. No more waiting for the next release to get the latest and greatest Portal experience!


September 28, 2017

0.3.02 launches a week early to keep the CCA student application working with the release of Workday 29.

This release also debuts the New Campus section of the Portal. New Campus is only available when you are logged in and is currently under its very own tab.

New Campus will contain regular updates about campus planning. The section launches with news sent out early this year via email as well as a recent update about the Ford GoBike bicycles that can be found at the SF campus and soon to show up at the Oakland campus.

0.3.02 Details


Campus News

  • Debut of the new Campus News section. See above.

People Directory and Profiles

  • Reduced the size of profile images to speed up page loads.


  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when a course was missing location data.

Course Catalog and Planner

  • On Faculty profile pages, clicking View Classes now goes to the Course Catalog with the instructor pre-selected.
  • Student preferred names correctly displayed in rosters.
  • Rosters display to the course instructor and students in the course.
  • Faculty preferred names correctly displayed in section info

Student Application

  • API updates to match Workday 29.
  • Graduate Architecture portfolios now uploaded directly from the application dashboard and not in Slideroom. (Graduate programs are not available in the application.)
  • Providing a proper focus state on toggle controls to improve keyboard accessibility.
  • Fixed a typo in the account creation success URL.