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Adobe Asset Migration

Last updated on Apr 25, 2023

Before you begin

For help transferring assets across accounts or profiles, see Adobe's help documentation. Please note: assets associated with CCA Adobe accounts can only be migrated manually.

For graduating students and recent graduates transferring Adobe assets associated with their assigned school accounts, the asset migration process is different depending on what it is you are moving so Adobe has outlined the details by application in their Moving Your Assets how-to guide. A few important notes:

  • All processes require you to log into your CCA Adobe school account.
  • To move items from a CCA Adobe Account to a new Personal Account, you will need to first establish a Personal Account.
  • Keeping assets published requires purchasing a plan.

Acrobat files

Migrate your Acrobat files from your school account

  • Download your documents from your School Account by selecting a file and clicking Download in the right pane.
  • Then, if desired, upload them to your Personal Account.

Behance content

There is no direct way to move Behance content from one account to another. Adobe recommends this work-around after creating a new account.

Illustrator or Photoshop

There are two options (save documents to your computer or Context Menu sharing) to migrate your Illustrator or Photoshop Creative Cloud documents, follow the steps found here.

Creative Cloud Libraries

You have two options (Libraries Panel export or the CC sharing feature) for migrating CC libraries, steps for both can be found here:

1) you can use the Libraries Panel to export your library file (This process will enable you to export your entire library. Then, you can archive it or import it into a Personal Account), or;

2) you can use the Creative Cloud sharing and collaboration feature.

Express assets

You have two options (download project assets or the collaboration feature) for moving your Express assets, follow the steps found here:

1) use download project assets to store them on your computer, or;
2) use collaboration features to copy projects from your School Account to your new one.

Lightroom photos

To migrate your Lightroom photos, follow the steps found here.

Mobile creations

To migrate your mobile creations, follow the steps found here.

Portfolio accounts

For users with School Portfolio (EDU) accounts, see: How to migrate a School Portfolio (EDU) account to Personal

Premiere Rush projects

To migrate your Premiere Rush projects, you'll use Premiere Pro. Complete the entire workflow in Premiere Pro, and publish your video from Premiere Pro itself. This process requires that you have a new account to which you’re moving your projects, follow the steps found here.

Synced files

To migrate your synced files, follow the steps found here.

XD Cloud Documents

To migrate your XD Cloud Documents, follow the steps found here.

Missing Creative Cloud files? See Adobe's article: Where can I find my missing Creative Cloud files? Once you find them, you can easily restore them.