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CCA Portal

Adobe Asset Migration

Last updated on Jul 21, 2022

Before you begin

  • Know your account ID (Adobe ID or Federated ID)
    Graduating students will receive an email with their account ID.
  • Download your Lightroom images (applies to Federated ID accounts only)
    Lightroom images will not be migrated automatically. You are required to make a local backup of the images, and enable the Save all original images setting at the specified locationĀ in the local storage environment. For details, seeĀ Set preferences.

Federated ID accounts

1 Asset migration for graduating students

Go to the Student Asset Migration Portal: to migrate your content from your school account to your new personal account.

2 To begin, click 'Get Started'

3 Provide consent to migrate your assets, then click 'Continue'

4 Sign up for a new personal Adobe account

The new personal account is a Creative Cloud Free membership, with 2GB of storage and a very limited selection of apps. The migration process is for new accounts only, Adobe cannot transfer assets to existing accounts. Learn more about Creative Cloud Free Memberships here.

List of Adobe free membership apps and features

5 Verify your identity

Specify the verification code for your new personal account email address

6 After your email address is verified, click 'Continue' to proceed.

7 Click 'Start Process' to initiate the transfer.

A message notifies that the migration has started.

8 Close the notification.

After the migration completes, a confirmation email is sent to your personal account.

9 Open the email, and click 'View your personal account' to sign in.

Adobe ID accounts

1 Asset transfer for graduating students

To begin, go to the Adobe website and click 'Sign in'.

2 Enter your existing CCA email address and password

Then click 'Continue'.

3 In the upper-right corner, click the user name and choose 'My Information'

4 Change the email address and click 'Save my changes'.

After the email address associated with the account is changed, all assets will remain with the account.

Note: You cannot change the Adobe ID to an email address that is already associated with another Adobe ID.