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Review Academic Plan

Last updated on Jul 30, 2022

Before you begin

To access the Academics Dashboard, select the icon of three lines at the top left of your Workday home page and then select Academics. You may also select Academics from your Quick Tasks or Your Top Apps.

Your Academic Plan must always be used in conjunction with your academic records. It is not a verification of degree completion and may be updated many times throughout your time at CCA.

Academic Plan

Your Academic Plan is a recommended sequence of courses based on your academic records and degree requirements. Dual degree graduate programs and undergraduate double majors / minors are represented by a single plan.

What is an Academic Plan?

1 Select View My Academic Plan

On the Academics Dashboard, locate the Academic Planning & Registration bulletin.

2 Review plan of courses for current and future academic periods

  • Requirement: name of requirement
  • Course: course that counts towards the listed degree requirement and that you should register for in for that academic period
    • Only the course names are listed. You will select the course section during registration
    • If no course is listed under a requirement, there may be multiple course options that fulfill that requirement (as is the case for Humanities & Sciences and Studio electives)
  • Units: amount of units you may earn by successfully completing the course
  • Status: identifies current course completion status
    • Passed: you completed the course with a D or better, or a P
    • Failed: you completed the course with a F or NC
    • Enrolled: you are registered for the course in the current term
    • Did Not Enroll: you did not register for the course in the listed term
    • Eligible to Enroll: you meet the prerequisites for the course
    • Not Eligible: you are not yet eligible for the course

Who updates my Academic Plan and why does it change?

What if I see requirements listed in my Academic Plan, but the courses are missing?

What is a studio elective?

What is a Humanities & Science (H&S) elective?

What is an open elective?

What if I need or want to updated my Academic Plan?

Need additional help?

  • Student Records: Contact for inaccuracies in your academic record, registration issues, and information on applying for graduation
  • Academic Advising: Contact for questions about your Academic Plan, guidance on which courses to take, and registration support
  • Help Desk: Contact for technical issues with Workday and/or your CCA account

For any questions you have related to your student record, billing, financial aid, student immigration regulations and visa status, and housing and dining, email student services at or text (415) 915-2503.