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Learning Outcomes

Last updated on Dec 07, 2018

The requirements, reviews, and curriculum for CCA's Animation program are designed such that graduating students successfully achieve the following program learning outcomes:

Skills Mastery

The ability to independently create advanced animation in a variety of modes including traditional 2D and 3D character animation and experimental animated cinema. The ability to work in both traditional, linear and experimental narrative modes.


The ability to produce accomplished animation using a wide variety of media including traditional methods emphasizing drawing; mixed media, and fully digital 2D and 3D productions employing the computer software programs Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Maya software (among others).


The ability to collaborate on team projects. This requires verbal communication: the ability to translate internal visual concepts to words and images, and to respond to existing images verbally. It also includes the ability to critique, respond to suggestions, and create consensus within the group structure of an animation production.

Presentation and Portfolio (Professional Practice) ​

The ability to create and present animations in a professional manner for a) public release, b) professional collaboration, and c) critique. A senior screening, professional reel (portfolio), and CV with artist's statement are required for graduation.

Interdisciplinary: Materials and Methods​

The ability to utilize multiple, wide-ranging media from many disciplines and narrative modes gathered from various cultural and structural sources to produce innovative and contemporary films.


The ability to produce a coherent and meaningful narrative progression requiring deep familiarity with narrative story structures and cinematic story structures including the craft of cinematography and sequence structure.


Fluent knowledge of historical and contemporary animation practices, including an ability to identify historical influences and trends, the evolution of production, significant/influential films, and the current trends and methods of distribution.