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Studio Lottery

What is the Studio Lottery?

Each semester, the Architecture Division offers multiple Advanced Studios and at least one Integrated Studio, which are shared between advanced students in the B.Arch and M.Arch programs, as well as MAAD students. Advanced Studios range in subject matter and scope, often in partnership with the Architecture Division's research labs, allowing students to take courses relevant to their interests within the discipline of architecture.

When does the Studio Lottery take place?

The Studio Lottery takes place on the first Thursday of each semester, starting at 12:30pm. Participation is mandatory for all Advanced Studio or Integrated Studio students.

How does the Studio Lottery work?

Faculty will present their Advanced Studio courses to students with brief slideshows. Students will then submit their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice studios via Google form.

Students will be assigned to Advanced Studios based on a number of criteria, including graduation requirements, seniority, and program concentrations (if applicable). Most students receive their first or second choice.

Following the studio assignments, students will be notified of their placement via email and will be provided instructions on when and where to meet their faculty and classmates.

All Studio Lottery results are final. There will be no exceptions.