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Artist Residencies

Last updated on Dec 07, 2018

Studio Residency

A studio residency* in CCA’s Ceramics Program supports visiting artists in the production of experimental and innovative ceramic work by providing space, resources, and equipment.

Previous artists in residence have included Ruby Neri, Edith Garcia, Sanam Emami, and Del Harrow.

Faculty Residency

A faculty residency* offers an opportunity for CCA faculty to apply unconventional techniques toward investigating the potential of the ceramic medium as an essential component of an interdisciplinary studio practice.

The goal of the faculty residency program is to diversify the perspectives of CCA artists working in the ceramics studios by encouraging experimental ways of working in and thinking through the medium.

The residency is an incubator for faculty to explore opportunities for cross-division collaboration and develop innovative curriculum.

Residency duration depends on studio availability, interest of faculty, and project needs.

Faculty residents are expected to work independently with minimal time required of the studio manager.

Participants in 2016 included Painting/Drawing faculty members Rebeca Bollinger and Victoria Wagner as well as MA in Curatorial Practice alum Ken Becker.

* The indefinite article “a” means not specific, a thing in general, and in the case of a residency, open to change, influence, and fluctuation dependent on uses and perspectives.