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Computational Practices Coursework

Last updated on Oct 30, 2023

Computational Practices Minor Requirements (15 units)

*Beginning academic year 2022-2023, UDIST-3120: Computational & Studio Practice will only be offered during the spring semester

SCIMA-2120: Computational Practices 1 (3 units)

Fulfills H&S 2000-level requirement

SCIMA-3120: Computational Practices 2 (3 units)

Fulfills H&S 3000-level requirement

Technology & Culture / Society / Ethics course; choose a designated section of SSHIS 2000/3000 or PHCRT 2000/3000 (3 units)

Many courses fulfill an H&S requirement. See this document for the list of eligible courses offered this term; or, view a list of courses offered in previous terms. Or, look for the course tag, "Minor :: ComP - Tech C/S/E"

In-major Technology Intensive course (3 units)

Each program/major has a designated "Technology Intensive" course; speak with your advisor to learn more, or see the full list here. Or, look for the course tag, "Minor :: ComP - Tech Intensive"

*UDIST-3120: Computational & Studio Practice (3 units)

Fulfills UDIST requirement
*This course is offered only during the spring semester.

Note: There is no net increase to the number of units required for graduation.