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Dual Degree: Design and Design Strategy, MFA/MBA

Last updated on Dec 10, 2018

CCA offers enrollment in a dual-degree in MFA Design and Design MBA. Students will receive both degrees at the end of the three-year curriculum. This program blends courses from both the 2-Year MFA Design and the DMBA curriculums, developing students’ insight into both design and business.

Students complete all core courses in each program in order to satisfy the requirements of both specific degrees. The Dual-degree program culminates with two separate theses: one at the completion of the second year; and one at the completion of the third year. This latter thesis can build on the previous one or be entirely new.

For admission consideration in the dual-degree program, prospective students submit one application with all related admissions requirements for both degrees. Annual enrollment is limited to just two or three students, and potential enrollees must be accepted to each graduate program to be considered.