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Dual Degree: Fine Arts and Visual and Critical Studies, MFA/MA

Last updated on Dec 10, 2018

The Dual Degree gives students an edge in competitive postgraduate arenas where the ability to theorize and write about visual culture, as well as produce it, are valued professional assets.

Fine Arts (MFA)

The MA/MFA dual degree in Fine Arts and Visual and Critical Studies is a three-year program directed toward students who wish to merge their studio practice with rigorous visual analysis.

This option is ideal for artists who wish to further their artistic explorations through critical writing.

See Fine Arts | Visual and Critical Studies curriculum.

Read more about the Graduate Program in Fine Arts.

What is the Dual-Degree Option?

The Graduate Program in Visual and Critical Studies offers this unique opportunity for highly motivated students to pursue an MA in VCS and, simultaneously, a graduate degree in

Curatorial Practice
Fine Arts

We believe intellectual curiosity, academic rigor, and creative drive enrich and invigorate one another -- dovetailing the curricula of two programs into three years of course work that fully integrates two separate degree programs.

Dual-Degrees Enable Students To:

  • integrate critical writing with related creative practices
  • acquire advanced critical skills
  • build a portfolio that includes published writing
  • connect with a network of interdisciplinary practitioners