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Last updated on Mar 25, 2021

Suggested Course Map

Visit the Academic Planning page for sequence charts and more info about planning your course schedule.

First-Year Requirements

First-Year Requirements

Drawing Studio

3 units


3 units


3 units


3 units

Writing 1

3 units

Introduction to the Arts

3 units

Introduction to Modern Arts

3 units

Foundations in Critical Studies

3 units

Writing and Literature Program students are required to take two Core Studio courses in their first year (2D & 4D are recommended) and may substitute 6 units of Writing Studio for the remaining Core Studio requirements.

They may also opt to take a world literature survey course instead of Introduction to the Arts.

Core Studio Courses

Core Studio courses provide an exciting opportunity to build the fundamental skills necessary for first year students to success at CCA, while exploring different mediums and techniques in studio practice.

Download the program learning outcomes (PDF) delivered in all the Core studio courses.

Required Core Studio Courses

All students are required to take a course in each of the four categories:

  • Drawing Studio
  • 2D
  • 3D
  • 4D

Core Studio Options

While each category offers several options with different focuses and approaches, all course offerings are geared toward helping a student succeed.

No matter the decision, all Core Studio courses guide first-year students through an interactive studio environment, strengthening their collaborative and presentation skills, and providing the basis for a sustainable studio work ethic and professional time-management tools.

Core Studio courses are designed and taught by CCA’s diverse faculty of architects, artists, and designers, each offering a unique approach to the study of studio practice. Through reading, writing, and research assignments to build integrity and depth to the creative process, students explore form, content, and context, developing the robust visual language skills the college encourages.

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