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Learning Outcomes

Last updated on Apr 26, 2021

The requirements, reviews, and curriculum for CCA's Individualized Studies program are designed such that graduating students successfully achieve the following program learning outcomes:

Written Communication

Students articulate a self designed curriculum through an evolving statement, rationale and thesis proposal.

Oral Communication

INDI students articulate their aesthetic intentions and demonstrate confidence in their creative process.

Visual Communication

Students develop their ideas and express themselves through work that is multidisciplinary with the conceptual, material, and technological skills consistent with expectations for entry-level professional practice.

  • Concept
    Student demonstrates the ability to make work that is multi modal, well considered and conceptually rigorous.
  • Material
    Student uses materials in consideration of their physical properties as well as their poetic, formal, social, or cultural implications.
  • Technique
    Student demonstrates confidence and expertise with tools, techniques and process consistent with expectations for entry into professional practice.
  • Presentation
    Student has intentionally installed their work to effectively emphasize its visual and conceptual depth, demonstrating a fluid synthesis of visual, performative and intellectual skills.
  • Practice
    Students demonstrate ethical sensibilities and become responsible members of their communities in the studio and work place.

Creative Thinking

Students develop unique hybrid methods that are autonomous and theoretically driven, blurring the boundaries between disciplines in order to express themselves in original and innovative ways.

Visual Literacy

Students can apply their knowledge of historical and contemporary art and design practices to contextualize their work within historical landscapes and contemporary dialogues. Students demonstrate an expanding awareness of artists, designers and thinkers across disciplines.

Artistic Voice

Student uses hybrid methods and intellectual nimbleness to produce multiple works that form a cohesive and rigorous body of work; demonstrating an independent, unique, perspective.