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Last updated on Feb 03, 2023

Design: Interaction Design, BFA



Join us and prepare to imagine, prototype, and build the future!

Learn why Design for Experience named us the Best Academic Program »

Invent the Future

While engineers make technology faster, smaller and more reliable, interaction designers make it more meaningful, usable, and delightful. Want to create the next-wave mobile experience? Reinvent social networks? Pioneer new ways to work and play? You have a future in interaction design.

Study Design at the Epicenter of Innovation

San Francisco is the creative capital of Silicon Valley. Our faculty work at Apple, Google, Facebook, IDEO, Frog, Method, and other innovative companies. As one of the world’s first undergraduate interaction design programs, we’re defining the field. By learning investigative research, systematic thinking, creative prototyping, and hands-on building, you’ll be ready to succeed and lead in this growing profession.

Gain Strong Career Prospects

Demand for interaction designers outstrips supply; our students are highly valued because of their cutting-edge skill set. They’re using the power of technology to reshape life itself, in industries from gaming to consumer products to health care and beyond.