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Learning Outcomes

Last updated on Dec 10, 2018

The requirements, reviews, and curriculum for CCA's MFA in Fine Arts program are designed such that graduating students successfully achieve the following program learning outcomes:

Visual Communication

Students are accomplished at representing their ideas visually.

Visual Literacy

Students are adept at analyzing, interpreting, and explaining images.

Understanding of Ethics

Students recognize, formulate, question, and apply ethical principles and problems.


Students demonstrate the ability to draw from multiple fields of study or to define new fields, expanding and bridging disciplines, and transgressing boundaries.


Students are skilled at team-building, exchanging of ideas, and actively participating in a common enterprise.

Understanding of Cultural Diversity

Students recognize and respond to cultural differences through their work.

Professional Development

Students understand career models and issues in professional ethics and conduct.

Methods of Critical Analysis

Students demonstrate proficiency in manners of engaged, rigorous, and careful evaluation, interpretation, and explication.

Research Skills

Students demonstrate capability in information gathering, documentation, investigation, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation.

Written Communication

Students demonstrate the ability to express their ideas in writing.

Verbal Communication

Students demonstrate the ability to present their ideas verbally.


Students are adept at initiating or originating (independent judgment, individuated or innovative contributions to a discourse or practice), uniting others around a shared goal or practice, and incorporating perspectives of others as well as their own in an initiative.


Students demonstrate the ability to experiment capably and consciously in their work.

Artistic Inquiry

Students work demonstrates a facility with artistic inquiry.

Knowledge of Historical and Contemporary Artistic Contexts

Students demonstrate knowledge of the historical and contemporary contexts of artistic production.