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Software Coaching

Last updated on Jan 25, 2022

Our peer Software Coaches are here to help you troubleshoot your projects in a variety of software. Software support depends on which student workers are available. In the event that coaches are unavailable, please check out these resources:

Adobe makes a series of tutorial videos which may be useful for gaining an overview of their products and learning specific skills.

Autodesk has tutorials for many of their products, such as Maya, available on Autodesk Area.

Rhino has a number of tutorial and support resources available on their site.

Book an Appointment

To confirm your status as a CCA student eligible for tutoring, use your CCA email address when requesting the appointment. After completing the booking request, the system will confirm you have submitted a request but the appointment is not official until you receive an email from the coach confirming the appointment. To be sure your coach receives your message in time to prepare for the appointment, please make your request at least 48 hours in advance.

For assistance with projects using the software listed below, please make an appointment here.

Animation Software:

  • Adobe: After Effects, Animate, Audition, Photoshop
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Premiere
  • Procreate
  • Storyboard Pro
  • ToonBoom Harmony
  • TvPaint

For assistance with general education apps such as Moodle, Zoom, VoiceThread, Gmail, etc. please visit Help Desk's page on Student Making and Technology Support.

For general tech support, or with assistance installing CCA provided software, please contact the Help Desk.