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Employer FAQ

Last updated on Dec 02, 2022

How do I get in touch with CCA's students & alumni for internships, jobs, and other positions?

CCA uses Handshake to communicate opportunities like this with our students & alumni.

  • To learn more about how Handshake can be a tool for your business, click here!
  • To create your Handshake Employer page, click here!

Does CCA have any career fairs?

Yes! We have 2 big seasonal/semester career fairs: Fall Internship Fair in October and Career Expo in February/March.

If you are interested in attending or would like more information please email us at

I want to speak with some directly about a partnership with my company, how do I do that?

You can email us at: or you can click here to reach one of our team members more directly!

Does CCA charge employers to connect with students & alumni or to share out their opportunities?

No! Everything we do in terms of connecting our students & alumni to employers, is FREE!

Does CCA or the Career Development team place students or alumni for positions?

No, we can get recommendations from faculty but we do not place students or alumni for any position that an employer may offer.

Does CCA have guidelines on paid/unpaid internships? Even if the unpaid internship is for credit.

Generally speaking, CCA encourages our students to only accept paid internships, and in some instances it is required even for credit. For more information on the guidelines and requirements for internships, and how they might apply to certain majors click here!

For any other employer related questions, please reach out to us at!