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Last updated on Sep 01, 2022

The experience gained from an internship has the potential to launch a student's career. Many employers use the internship process as an early screening or hiring tool.

CCA's Career Development Office partners closely with industry-leading companies to provide opportunities for students to link theory with practice while earning academic credit or gain valuable career experience, or both.

Be sure to meet with someone from the Career Development team before you start your internship search process to set goals, prepare your résumé, cover letter, review your portfolio, and practice for your interview.

Take applying for an internship as seriously as you would a full job search.

Students: For program specific requirements, contact your Internship Coordinator:

Architecture (Undergraduate)

Randolph Ruiz,

Architecture (Graduate)

T. Jason Anderson,

Fine Arts

Aaron Gach,


Russell Baldon,

Graphic Design

Angie Wang,


Owen Smith,

Industrial Design

Sandrine Lebas,

Interaction Design

Erin Malone,

Interior Design

Amy Campos,

Writing & Literature

Aimee Phan,

Writing MFA

Leslie Carol Roberts, 415-551-9237


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