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Parents and Families: Your Role Regarding Career Guidance

Last updated on Dec 02, 2022

Welcome Parents and Family!!

As we move forward during this time we want offer some suggestions about what you can do to help a student with career planning:

  • Listen and be open to ideas and help your student find information
  • Encourage your child to visit the Career Development Office
    • Reassure them that meeting with a career coach can take place at any point—and should take place frequently—through out a college career. Many centers offer a full range of career development and job-search help, including: Workshops on writing resumes and cover letters
  • Advise your student to write a resume:
    • Writing a resume can be a "reality test" and can help a student identify areas that require improvement.
    • Suggest that your student get sample resumes from the Career Development Office. You can review resume drafts for grammar, spelling, and content, but recommend that the final product be critiqued by a career center professional
  • Challenge your student to become "occupationally Literate." Ask: "Do you have any ideas about what you might want to do when you graduate?" If your student seems unsure, you can talk about personal qualities you see as talents and strengths.
    • A career decision should be a process and not a one-time, last-minute event.
  • Emphasize that there are full-time and internship opportunities
    • Direct them to our Job Boards page
    • The career development office will not "place" your child in a job at graduation.
    • Colleges grant degrees, but not job guarantees, so having relevant experience in this competitive job market is critical.
  • Encourage them to network ONLINE
    • Suggest your son or daughter email, LINKEDIN people in your personal and professional networks for information
    • Encourage them to sign up for training webinars etc.
  • Also, if you are the owner, leader of a company - help the Career Development Office
    • Call your campus career office when you have a summer, part-time, or full-time job opening
    • If your company hires interns, have the internships listed in the career development office at


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