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Last updated on Jun 21, 2019


Artist residencies can offer supportive and enriching environments in which artists can work together and provide mutual creative stimulation.

They are designed for both emerging and well-established artists and writers (not necessarily students).

Before Applying for a Residency

  • Prepare and strengthen application materials, e.g. Artist's Statement(s) and Biographies, Portfolio, writing samples
  • Plan to apply for residencies after you graduate (or during summer breaks)
  • Visit with a Career Development coach or a faculty advisor for additional information about how to apply

The following is a list of suggested artist residencies by category. You can review residency requirements such as deadlines, locations, mediums, etc. See which residencies fit you best.

  • 2D Arts Residencies: Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography
  • 3D Arts
  • Curatorial Residencies: National & International Curatorial Residencies
  • Design
  • Media Arts
  • Writing