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Last updated on Dec 08, 2022

How long will I have access to Career Development?

We provide all services to alumni 5 years after graduation.

How do I find out about events that Career Development is hosting?

All information regarding: registration, date/time, event formats, invitations, employers attending will be shared out through Handshake.

How do I find out more about Handshake or how to sign up?

I accepted a job already, but how do I know if I still have it?

Congratulations on your job offer! If considerable time has passed since your last communication with the hiring manager, check in with them to acknowledge the changing landscape within organizations at this time. Inquire about how the company, the nature of their work, and your specific role could be impacted. Be prepared to offer solutions and remind them of your unique skills that can serve as a continued value during these times.

I have a virtual interview coming up, how do I prepare?

We are happy to assist you in preparing for your virtual interview! Use Handshake or email to schedule a mock interview.

Should I continue searching for a job or internship considering all the impacts that COVID-19 is having on businesses?

We are not able to predict exactly what impact COVID-19 will have on each industry in the future, therefore, we highly encourage you to continue in your search now. Many employers are also unsure of the changes to upcoming hiring practices, but what job seekers can expect is the following:

  • Delays: Employers are currently experiencing delays in recruiting and hiring processes. If you have not heard from an employer or are awaiting next steps, be mindful of these transitions. You can contact the employer to check on the status of a submitted application if no update has been provided.
  • Shift to Virtual Recruiting: Due to travel restrictions and social distancing, most employers will be conducting virtual interviews for the foreseeable future.

CCA's Career Development team is keeping a close eye on changes within the labor market and communicating with our employer partners to understand the full extent to which recruiting may be impacted. We are committed to ongoing communication efforts with all students regarding our resources and support.
Be sure to check out our COVID 19 Resources page and our Job Board page for more information!

For any other questions, please reach out to us at!