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Apply to Become a Graduate Coaching Assistant

Last updated on Aug 03, 2023

We are excited you are interested in being an Academic Coach. LRC offers two types of positions for graduate students, LRC Academic Coach and Graduate Coaching Assistant.

Graduate Coaching Assistants work additional hours and carry more planning and administrative duties than regular Academic Coaches.

Graduate Students, please use this form to apply for Graduate Coaching Assistant (10 hr a week) and/or LRC Academic Coach (6-8 hr a week) here: LRC Academic Coach and Graduate Coaching Assistant Application Form.

LRC Academic Coach:

  • Helping undergraduate and graduate students with academic strategies across the curriculum, especially written and oral communication, math, science, and personalized study techniques and technologies for their CCA classes. All work is done on a by-appointment basis both in-person and on zoom.
  • Most coaching is done by-appointment only, a few hours per week, based on a schedule of weekly availability determined by the coach (including weekdays, evenings, and/or weekends). This is a fun, flexible job that will enable you to build your own skills, get inspired by people from many different majors and perspectives, and make new friends around campus.
    The ideal candidates will be be empathetic and competent learners who demonstrate expertise, patience, versatility, and enthusiasm for mentoring fellow students in two or more of the following areas:
    • Academic writing
    • Oral communication & presentations
    • Time management & study skills
    • Art history
    • Science
    • Math
    • Software / Prototyping & Coding
    • When applying for the position, upload a resume and short cover letter describing your interest and experience mentoring peers as learners. Also please ask a CCA faculty member to email with a recommendation on your behalf.
    • LRC Academic Coach and Graduate Coaching Assistant Application Form.

Graduate Coaching Assistant:

Graduate Coaching Assistants (GCAs) take a leadership role with California College of the Arts’ peer coaching program. Under the supervision of Sarah Kruse, Associate Director of Student Success, Learning Resources, GCAs provide mentorship to academic coaches and aid in their training and supervision.  They serve as first point of referral for students who may have more complex coaching needs and engage in operational leadership duties that can include: co-facilitating workshops; coordinating classroom visits by coaches; monitoring staffing during drop-in coaching hours; helping coaches to find substitutes when ill or reaching out to students to reschedule appointments as needed; helping the Associate Director to update training modules, Portal, and Moodle content; assisting with orientation, tabling, and other events; developing and distributing marketing materials; helping to monitor the functionality of computers and furniture set-up of the learning resource center (LRC); managing access to the LRC by students and study groups as needed; and other special projects as assigned.

As student affairs paraprofessionals, GCAs are expected to engage in best practices in peer coaching and to become knowledgeable about FERPA, student affairs resources and referrals, methods of supporting a diverse student population (including BIPOC students, ELL students, LGBTQIA+ students, neurodiverse students, and students with disabilities), software and instructional technology that is required for successful coaching, and appropriate responses to possible student emergencies or concerns about conduct.  They participate in a compensated training program and receive supervision and mentorship from the associate director of OSS, Learning Resources, faculty coaches, and others.

Candidates for GCA positions normally have at least one semester of teaching or coaching/tutoring experience either at CCA or prior to enrollment.  Exceptional communication skills (verbal and written), patience, flexibility, and reliability are key to success in these positions.

How to Apply:
Please include a cover letter explaining why you are interested in this position, your CV/resume with relevant experience, and the name of one faculty member for reference (we will contact the faculty member to ask for a recommendation).

LRC Academic Coach and Graduate Coaching Assistant Application Form.

If this is your first job at CCA (work-study, TAship or otherwise) you will need to verify your employment eligibility by completing an I-9 and presenting required documents. This information is typically prompted for you to complete online in Workday as a message from CCA's Office of Human Resources once you've been officially hired in Workday. You can contact CCA’s HR Department for more information (

If you do not have a US Social Security Number, you will need to procure one prior to beginning your position. The process for doing so can be found on the CCA Portal Pages here. You should have already received an email from me and from the International Student Affairs and Programs Office (ISAP) containing the appropriate paperwork and an opportunity for you to set up an appointment with an ISAP representative, who will direct you further about applying with the US Social Security Administration.

LRC Academic Coach Hourly Rate: $17.10 LRC Academic Coach workload = 6 - 8 hours/week
GCA Hourly Rate: $23.22 GCA workload = 8 - 15 hours/week; approximately $2,750-$5,225/semester
Legally mandated maximum is 300 hours/semester

MANDATORY Coach training and orientation: In-person training will take place a few days before semester start and after move-in has occurred. Additional on-line and in-person training occurs throughout the semester. All training is paid.