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TutorLingo Training

Last updated on Aug 03, 2023

Are you a CCA student or work study employee preparing to serve as a tutor or mentor? Or a program supervisor training or coordinating new tutors? New faculty looking for some teaching pedagogy tips and techniques? The LRC is happy to share access to this webinar series developed as a partnership of Innovative Educators and the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) for FREE to all CCA students, faculty, and staff. You don't have to be a workstudy employee to access the training.

CCA Workstudy Tutors, Peer Mentors, and Faculty

Before starting this training, check with your CCA work study supervisor to confirm whether you are expected to complete all nine modules or just a few specific ones, and to get instructions on how to report this training on your timesheeet.

After finishing each module (including an online evaluation form), TutorLingo will email you a confirmation of completion that you can forward to your work study supervisor. If you are completing multiple modules your supervisor may request a single Certificate Summary, which you may print-to-PDF and download from your CCA TutorLingo profile.

To start training, go to and create an account in your name using your CCA email address. 

Course titles and run times are listed below:

  1. The Role of the Tutor (32 min)
  2. A Toolbox for the Novice Tutor (23 min)
  3. Learning Theory (16 min)
  4. The Nature of Helping Relationships (20 min)
  5. How to Tutor Writing (26 min)
  6. Understanding Self-Regulatory Behavior (24 min)
  7. Developing Critical Thinking Skills (30 min)
  8. Tutoring Students from Diverse Backgrounds (29 min)
  9. Tutee Study Skills (23 min)

LRC Coaches

Yes! We use TutorLingo as part of our basic training too. Check with the LRC Director (or log into our LRC Coach Training site in Moodle) for instructions.