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Digital Craft Lab

Last updated on Feb 01, 2022

SF Building Hours

Main Building Rm. SC1

The Digital Craft Lab hosts advanced studios and special projects in the Architecture and Interior Design division.

About the Digital Craft Lab

The CCA Digital Craft Lab (DCL) supports and promotes advanced research in architectural design, digital fabrication, material science, data visualization and robotics. The work of the lab sits at the intersection of the arts and sciences and is committed to engaging the pressing issues of our time through experimentation, pedagogy and outreach. The lab routinely collaborates with engineers, scientists, artists, architects and designers to develop innovative frameworks and prototypes for engaging important issues related to sustainable building practices, ecology, material innovation, and entrepreneurship. The DCL works with industry partners, sponsors and collaborators to support the activities of the lab. Associated design studios, seminars and the post-professional MAAD Digital Craft degree focus on contemporary digital design technologies. Students in advanced studios and electives related to digital craft use the DCL as their central meeting, work, and presentation space.

Specializing in These Materials

  • Concrete
  • Plaster
  • Wood

Tools and Equipment

  • Kuka Agilus KR6 R900 Robot