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Fabrication: Lab Zero Sanding Room

Last updated on Jan 23, 2024

24 hour access

****** Campus will be closed from December 23rd, 2023 through January 7th, 2024 *****

2nd Floor
Main Building

Current Students, Faculty, and Staff may access the Sanding Room during open building hours.

Due to academic program needs and the large volume of students that this space supports, CCA Shops are not available to alumni at this time.

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COVID–19 Information for the CCA Community

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Ivan Berejkoff

Studio Operations Manager - Fabrication

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Piper Alldredge

Model Shop / Fabrication Studio Manager

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Alexander Guerrero

Fabrication Studio Manager, Evenings

About the Fabrication: Lab Zero Sanding Room

The Lab Zero Sanding Room is an open-access space for sanding, shaping, carving, and finishing unfinished wood, foam, and plastic. The combination of downdraft tables and a ceiling-mounted air scrubber help improve the air quality, though an N95 respirator MUST still be worn to work in this space.

Various shaping and carving tools are available at the Tool Center for checkout: angle grinders, pneumatic die grinders, powered sanders, and Foredom rotary tools. Basic sanding discs and 1/8" rotary bits are provided to be compatible with tools that students checkout from the Tool Center. And, all users are encouraged to invest in the specialty bits their projects will require, the Tool Center selection is limited.

Specializing in These Materials

  • Foam
  • Plastic
  • Plywood
  • Wood

Tools and Equipment

  • Denray Downdraft Tables
  • Powermatic Air Scrubber
  • Allsource Abrasive Blast Cabinet
  • Foredom Flex Shaft rotary tools