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Locker Checkout

Locker reservation system for students and faculty.

Last updated on Feb 15, 2024

Lockers are accessible during all building general hours.

Tool Center hours can be found here:

Model Making Studio
Main Building - 1111 8th Street Rm. Second Floor

Lockers are available in the 1111 Main Building for reservation and check-out to students and faculty with preference given to those that live off-campus. Limited lockers are also available in the Hooper Building for undergraduate commuters within the First Year CORE program; please email for additional info regarding the First Year lockers.

About the Locker Checkout

Lockers are available for annual check-out to students and faculty by online reservation on the Webcheckout Patron Portal.

Select your preferred locker location and make a reservation, then stop by the Tool Center on the second floor of the Main Building to get your reservation confirmed AND receive the code to your locker.

Locker locations on the first floor of the Main Building.

Locker locations on the second floor of the Main Building.

Locker rental fees will be waived as long as the locker is cleaned out at the end of the year and the padlock (with combination) is returned to the Tool Center. Cleaning fees may be applied to the user if this cleanout procedure is not completed.


  • All reservations will be reviewed by Studio Operations staff.
  • All check-outs include a combination lock.
  • One locker will be issued per student or faculty member.
  • Locker check-outs are for the entire regular academic year - Fall 2023 - Spring 2024.
  • Summer locker check-out is managed separately. You must return your regular year locker and create a new reservation if you need a locker while taking summer courses.
  • Lockers may be exchanged pending availability, or returned early if not being used.
  • Notices will be posted on lockers during the final week of each semester as a reminder to remove your belongings.
  • When the locker checkout term ends, you must return the lock to the Tool Center.
  • All unclaimed items in lockers are discarded once the checkout period is over. For the regular academic year, this is typically by 4 p.m. on the Monday immediately following the last day of class in May.


CCA offers campus lockers to CCA students solely to lessen the burden of transporting materials between campus and home. They are not intended to secure valuable or irreplaceable items, and the college strongly discourages storage of such items on campus. CCA is not responsible for the repair or replacement of locker contents, and will not reimburse individuals for property lost on campus. All lockers on campus are the property of the College, and they may be subject to opening and inspection as needed for safety or normal operations. Any locks not owned by the College are subject to removal, which will destroy the lock.


Step 1: Turn the dial 3 times to the right, stopping on the 1st number.

Step 2: Turn left 1 full turn passing the 1st number and ending at the 2nd number.

Step 3: Turn the dial to the right ending on the 3rd number.

Step 4: Pull down to open the lock.

Video Showing How to Open a Dial Combination Lock