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Joint Labor Management Committee (JLMC)

Last updated on Feb 06, 2024

About the JLMC

From the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 5. Labor-Management Committee:

During the term of this Agreement, representatives of the Union and of the College shall meet in person as the Joint Labor-Management Committee for the purpose of:

Providing the input of the unranked faculty to the Administration on College-wide matters of importance to unranked faculty members; establishing and maintaining effective and cordial labor relations; exchanging information; and resolving disagreements and preventing disagreements.

JLMC Meeting Minutes

Once the members of JLMC approve meeting minutes, they are posted in Vault and made available for faculty to view. You can access past meeting minutes using the links below:

2022-23 Academic Year:

October 20, 2022: JLMC Minutes

Previous Years:

October 9, 2020: JLMC Minutes

May 12, 2020: JLMC Minutes

February 11, 2020: JLMC Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2019: JLMC Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2019: JLMC Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2019: JLMC Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2019: JLMC Meeting Minutes

End of Year Reports

At the end of each academic year, the JLMC compiles an end of year report summarizing the committee's actions and discussions. You can access past end of year reports using the links below:

2019-20 End of Year Report

2018-19 End of Year Report

2017-18 End of Year Report

JLMC Members

Academic Year




Randy Nakamura, JLMC Co-Chair

Senior Adjunct Professor

Em Meine, JLMC Co-Chair

Senior Director of Faculty Affairs & Records

Maira Lazdins

VP of Human Resources

Marty Marfin - Spring 2024 only

Senior Adjunct Professor

Luz Marina Ruiz - Fall 2023 only

Adjunct II Professor

Sudhu Tewari

Adjunct II Professor

Dominick Tracy

Associate Provost of Educational Effectiveness

Anne Wolf

Senior Adjunct Professor