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Faculty Development Grant

Last updated on Dec 21, 2023


Faculty Development Grants (FDG) are intended to support faculty in their growth as instructors and professionals in their fields..

Any faculty member (except visiting,  distinguished, and emerit professors) may apply for the FDG in any round of proposals. The funds may be used to support any of the following activities:

  • Travel to a conference, training or workshop (airfare, lodging, rental car, mileage, public transportation)
  • Registration fee for a conference, training or workshop
  • Subscription or access costs for professional work
  • Production, equipment or materials costs for professional work
  • Payment for services connected to your professional work, if it can be invoiced

Faculty Development Grants may not be used to reimburse faculty for their own time or work.

The maximum award amount is $1,000. Faculty may apply at each round, but may only be awarded one grant per academic year. Selected proposals will be funded at their full proposed amount, up to $1,000.

FDG grants are not retroactive and cannot cover expenses already spent. However, faculty may apply during any round for expenses planned up to 12 months after the awards are made. Faculty must submit reimbursement documentation within two weeks post travel (for travel-related expenses) or two weeks of expenditure (for all other expenses).

Selection Criteria

  • Clarity of statement of purpose and relevance to professional practice, teaching excellence, or program needs (scale score)
  • Appropriate and detailed budget with evidence (yes or no)
  • Next APT submission deadline is within next 18 months (yes or no)
  • Support of chair (yes or no)
  • Recentness of other CCA funding (scale score)
  • Diversity of proposals across divisions and faculty rank/status

Faculty Development Grant Review Committee Members
Keith Krumwiede | Dean, Architecture
Helen Maria Nugent | Dean, Design
Sunny Smith | Dean, Fine Arts
Jacqueline Francis | Dean, Humanities & Sciences
Dominick Tracy, Associate Provost

Apply now for the Faculty Development Grant. Choose the relevant application, create a user account, and submit.

Applications are due by February 4, 2024 at midnight.

Additional Requirements

Grantees must submit a summary report of the project and original receipts (not copies) of expenses for reimbursement by the corresponding deadline. In some cases, we appreciate faculty members' willingness to share experiences with members of the college by invitation of the committee.

Applicants are reminded to review the Faculty Absence Policy regarding absences from teaching, and are advised to make appropriate arrangements should the award result in absence from class.

NOTE: Grants are awarded only for reimbursable expenses for the specific proposal requested; if the proposed activity changes after receiving the award, the faculty member must contact the awarding body for approval and instructions prior to revising plans.

Contact Nina Eve Zeininger, Manager of Faculty Affairs & Records ( for additional information regarding the grants and the proposal process.