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Gifts (Advancement)

Last updated on Sep 12, 2023

Gifts (Advancement) are for CCA staff and ranked faculty who work in partnership with the Office of Advancement to explore the possibility of seeking funding (or in-kind donations) for projects related to CCA programs.

Unranked faculty who have taught at the college for three years are also eligible to seek funding.

(Note: Grants for support of individual work, for example a Literature Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, do not require working with the Office of Advancement.)

Procedure for Seeking Gifts & Grants

Approval for CCA related projects is determined through the following process:

  • Faculty or staff member seeks project approval from division director or chair.
  • Next contact the Office of Advancement to get a preliminary determination on potential success in seeking outside funding (e.g., are there likely donor prospects for this project? Are they new prospects to the college -- as opposed to current donors who are already funding other core needs?)

For institution-based grant funding

Niko Abitbol, Senior Director Grants, Partnerships & Engagement, Advancement or 484.269.4183

For individual donors
Carolyn Devoto Salcido, Senior Director, Individual Giving or 415.250.7938

  • If project is a good candidate for gift or grant funding, the next step is to create a preliminary proposal for internal review by CCA's Provost and CFO. This proposal should include a short description and budget giving an overview on the need for and importance of the project, its space and equipment requirements, and timeframe.
  • The Provost will inform the faculty member (and director or chair) whether the project has been approved for fundraising. Depending on the complexity of the proposal, this process can usually take place by email.

Once the faculty or staff member has received authorization to move forward with the project, that person will work with the Office of Advancement to develop a prospect list of individuals or private and public organizations, or both, to consider approaching for funds.

  • The prospect list is submitted to the Senior Vice President for Advancement Susan Avila ( or 510.594.3661) for review and approval.
  • Office of Advancement staff contacts the faculty or staff member to notify which prospects are clear for solicitation, and works on implementation of the fundraising plan begins.
  • All correspondence must be submitted to the Office of Advancement for review before submission to a potential funder occurs. Please allow at least one week for review and response.
  • If the faculty or staff member is awarded funds, that person notifies the Office of Advancement and forwards any documents that require signature to the Office of Advancement.The president, Provost, CFO, and senior vice president for advancement exclusively have signature authority for accepting a grant or gift or signing a contract associated with any gift or grant, whether it is awarded for an individual project or to a program.