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Path to Approval for Hybrid/Online Teaching

Last updated on Jun 30, 2022

What is the Path to Approval for Hybrid/Online Teaching?

Quick Facts

  • Self-paced asynchronous course that takes up to eight hours to complete
  • Focuses on developing foundational Moodle and online course design knowledge
  • Occurs three times per academic year
  • Concludes with the conferring of a recognition of achievement certificate

As part of CCA's application for accreditation to continue to teach hybrid and online courses, we must demonstrate that we have systems and practices in place to ensure that faculty have appropriate skills to teach using those formats and that we are learning as an institution through this process. Thus, instructors of hybrid or online courses are required to complete the College’s Path to Approval for Hybrid/Online Teaching.

We have developed this program to support faculty in the ongoing professional development of their hybrid/online teaching skills. While we recognize that everyone now has some experience teaching online, very few of our faculty have had a chance for the kind of review, reflection and collegial support that would allow them to develop into their greatest potential. We should acknowledge that emergency remote teaching is different in nature from learning experiences that are designed to be provided online and facilitated by adequately prepared and trained instructors or facilitators.

The goal of this path is to support that development. We aim to build on what you are already doing well, but also uncover opportunities for further growth, and encourage you to work together to support one another as you teach. By the end of the process, faculty will earn a recognition of achievement certificate.

Path to Approval for Hybrid/Online Teaching Components

The Path to Approval for Hybrid/Online Teaching entails the following required elements.

1. Moodle Course Review.

Permit a member of the Instructional Services and Technologies (InST) team to review a Moodle course you have already used to teach so that they can provide feedback about strengths and areas for improvement. You may select any course you've taught at CCA using Moodle over the most recent academic year. Depending on the review, you may meet with the reviewer to discuss their feedback. This will help the team guide you in what to focus on as you complete the Moodle Foundations course - to help you use your time most effectively.


Typically, a complete course review is of significant value as it entails an in-depth examination of many aspects of course design, such as the alignment between course objectives and the learning activities and assessment instruments. However, given the scale and the resources required for such processes, the Moodle course review will instead highlight the appropriate use of the Learning Management System (LMS, i.e., Moodle), such as the alignment between the grading structure in the syllabus vs. in the LMS, whether the Moodle activities serve the target purposes as intended, whether the course pages are easy to navigate, etc.

2. Moodle Foundations Course.

Moodle Foundations is a self-paced, asynchronous Moodle course that emphasizes the fundamentals of teaching with Moodle. Once you complete this course you will be able to use the necessary tools and features of Moodle to support your online, hybrid, or classroom/studio teaching. The course takes about 5-6 hours to complete, and what you learn will save you time in your course creation from now on. Once you have submitted this form, an InST member will reach out to provide details on accessing the course.

3. Digital Literacy Quiz.

Complete the Digital Literacy Quiz (available upon enrollment in Moodle Foundations). Digital literacy is an essential competence for instructors who wish to teach online. Use the quiz questions and feedback as a tool to examine and improve your digital literacy knowledge and skills.

4. Pedagogy Modules.

Complete the two pedagogy modules (available in Moodle Foundations). The modules were converted from the two live workshops delivered during spring 2022 that highlighted the structure of human information processing, the effective design of learning messages, and the components of quality learning experience design. A variety of interactions using H5P activities are embedded in the modules, from which you may draw inspiration to build your own online courses.

Policies for hybrid/online instruction qualifications at CCA

All faculty teaching hybrid or online classes at CCA must be approved by the college to teach in those modes. Faculty may achieve approval by completing the Path to Approval to Teach Online.

In some cases, faculty may complete the Path to Approval during the semester in which they are teaching a hybrid or online course. However, if they do not complete the path by the end of that semester, they cannot be assigned future hybrid or online courses until the path is completed.


Ranked faculty salaries incorporate compensation for all classroom prep and pedagogy development. Adjunct faculty will be compensated for 8 hours (6 hours for Foundations course + 2 hours for pedagogy workshops) at a rate that is in compliance with the current CBA.

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