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Global Availability of Teaching and Learning Tools

Last updated on Nov 12, 2020

With students and faculty connecting from across the globe to our systems and services, it has become very important to understand what websites are available where. However, it is important to note that the limitations of the Chinese firewall change almost daily. For this reason, we have included additional resources that identify global availability.

Platforms we know are NOT stopped at the Chinese firewall

As much as possible, CCA is utilizing these tools to deliver our online education during this period.

Questions about access in China

What if students forgot their password, and the reset goes to their CCA Gmail and they're in China? Can they reset or are they stuck logged out?

  • If they had already set up recovery options, then they should be fine. If not, then they’ll need to be in touch with Help Desk.

What about two-factor identification? Do students use that and if so will it work in China?

  • Two-factor is optional for students but available. They can’t download the Duo app in China. If they downloaded before leaving the States, then they’ll be fine. If they didn't, then Help Desk would have to turn two-factor off for them.

Can students log in to Portal from China or only see what's public-facing?

  • Yes, they can log in, absolutely, that’s why we say Portal is available in China.

External Resources Regarding Global Availability