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CANVAS Program Overview

Last updated on Aug 21, 2023

Emerging Artists | Leaders | Scholars

CANVAS (CCA’s Advanced Network for Visionary Artists and Scholars) is a leadership development and mentorship program for the talented and historically under-represented incoming students receiving the Visionary Practice Scholarship.

CANVAS Program Overview

The CANVAS Program begins with an immersive full year experience that provides participants advanced opportunities to navigate their collegiate experience effectively and emerge as campus leaders.

  • The CANVAS program currently consists of the following components for all participants:
    • Enrollment in the CANVAS Course Grasping at the Root: Advancing Creative Excellence taken for an additional 1.5 units each Fall and Spring and satisfying the Critical Ethnic Studies Seminar Requirement a full year earlier.
    • Ongoing academic support - including specialized advising.
    • Enrichment opportunities, workshops, community building activities, leadership experiences, and exposure to campus life - all designed to assist students:
      • Acquire tools necessary for a smooth start to the first year in college;
      • Learn about their campus community and become acquainted with campus departments and resources;
      • Build soft skills, develop friendships, establish a sense of community with each other and other students, and create meaningful relationships with faculty and staff;
      • Expand on essential skills that will facilitate their success at CCA.


Feel free to email for questions about the program.