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Grasping at the Root

Last updated on Aug 19, 2023

Participation in the CANVAS program includes enrollment in the Critical Ethnic Studies seminar, Grasping at the Root: Advancing Creative Excellence, taken for an additional 1.5 units each Fall and Spring and satisfying the Critical Ethnic Studies Seminar Requirement a full year earlier.

ETHSM-2001-1: Grasping at the Root Part 1: Advancing Creative Excellence

This seminar creates a network of support and leadership development to prepare incoming CANVAS students to thrive at CCA and in the Bay Area. Through support and collaboration with the greater CCA community, students will have a curated experience in wellness, campus culture, academic support, community development, BIPOC Bay Area history and culture, effective, active listening, goal-setting and leadership. Students will have the opportunity to meet with a range of CCA leaders to gain a deep understanding of the college’s culture and to share their perspective over this year-long engagement.