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Counseling Questions Answered!

Last updated on Dec 16, 2022

For urgent, non-emergency mental health issues requiring immediate attention, please call CCA's 24/7 mental health crisis hotline number: 415.551.9344.

How many sessions can a student have?

CCA can provide up to 11 sessions of free psychological counseling per academic year to each student, as well as up to 8 summer sessions for continuing students (Fall 2022). Students do not have to have the CCA student health insurance to access counseling services.

Counseling Services offers brief individual therapy, crisis intervention, assessments, referrals to community resources, as well as psychoeducational workshops and trainings to students, staff, and faculty.

Who are the counselors?

Our Counseling Department is staffed by Professional Mental Health Practitioners. We are clinicians with extensive counseling experience who offer a wide array of knowledge and skills to meet student needs. As a team, we are dedicated to supporting the personal development and professional advancement of students engaged in an arts-based education. We are familiar with the issues creative people face in an academic environment.

What kinds of counseling are available?

Brief individual support for ongoing personal and relational struggles and psychological conditions

Crisis intervention: immediate help during or after an event that has caused emotional, mental, physical, or behavioral distress, or any combination thereof.

We can also help in identifying a specific psychological condition (e.g., depression, ADHD, anxiety), and support you in connecting to off- campus providers when helpful.

What if I need more than 11 sessions or something that isn’t offered?

Counseling services can also provide referrals to professionals in the community (e.g., psychological assessment specialists, psychiatrists, learning specialists, LGBTQ+ centers, etc.). We recommend starting with CCA counseling and, after 11 sessions, transitioning to another counselor in the community with the support of your CCA Counselor.

I have unique needs that aren’t listed here. Can they be accommodated?

Please let Student Affairs or Counseling Services know. They’ll do their best to help.

What are the options for staff and faculty?
Confidential consultations also are available for faculty and staff regarding student support. Contact the CCA Counseling Voicemail at 415.551.9267. Staff and Faculty are also welcome to reach out to inquire about psychoeducational workshops and trainings on a specific issue or topic. See more detailed information about services specifically for Staff and Faculty here /thriving/counseling/outreach-and-workshops/

What kinds of therapeutic services do you offer beyond individual counseling?

We offer one to two-time consultations for currently enrolled students, referrals to off-campus providers, as well as workshops on a wide range of mental health topics (e.g., self-care, roommate conflict, grief, and hope, etc.). See more detailed information here /thriving/counseling/outreach-and-workshops/