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Maintain My COVID–19 Vaccination Record

Last updated on Jan 21, 2022

When You Are Fully Vaccinated

Follow these steps if you have received your final dose of a COVID-19 vaccination, or your booster shot.

Instructions for students:

1) Click your profile photo in the upper-right corner of Workday.

2) Click the View Profile link at the top of the menu. This will take you to the "Summary" tab of your employee or student profile.

NOTE: If you are a student and also an employee, your profile will default to your employee profile. Make sure you switch to your Student profile before proceeding, using the link provided on the "Summary" tab.

3) Click on Personal from the left navigation menu of your profile

4) Click on the Additional Data tab.

5) Here you should see COVID-19 Vaccination Status and COVID-19 Booster Status with an "edit" button. Click the edit button.

6) Choose the appropriate COVID-19vaccination and booster Status (there is only 1 option), and enter the date of your final vaccine dose, or the date of your booster.

7) Please indicate all current vaccinations you have from the list provided.

8) Click OK.

Instructions for faculty or staff:

1) Log into Workday and search for your name in the search bar to pull up your employee profile. 

2) Click on Personal and select the Vaccinations tab. Click Add.

3) Enter your vaccination details. Please be sure to upload an image of your vaccination record and select COVID-19 Documents (Staff/Faculty) as the Category. 

4) Click Submit. Your submission will be routed to HR for review. 

You will be able to view any entries under the Vaccinations tab after HR reviews and approves your submission. If you need to make edits, please reach out to If you need to make a new entry, click Add and fill in the details.

If you have already completed the Vaccination Attestation in Workday, you only need to select Fully Vaccinated including Booster to record your booster status. 

If you are new to CCA or new to returning to campus, please first submit your vaccination details and then submit your booster details as a second entry. You will have TWO entries under the Vaccinations tab.