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I-94 Admission and Departure Record

Last updated on Aug 14, 2018

What is an I-94 record?

Each time you enter or depart the United States it is recorded electronically through the I-94 Arrival/Departure Record. This process is conducted by theCustoms and Border Protection (CBP.) The I-94 record is very important, as it details the date of entry, the port of entry, and also your visa status at the time of admission. The I-94 record is often required to serve as proof for F-1 or J-1 benefits, employment verification, and other important reasons.

If you travel through an air or sea port into the United States, you will likely obtain an F-1 or J-1 stamp on a page in your passport. The admission details will then be recorded in an electronic I-94 record. If you enter the country by a land border then you will receive a paper I-94 card. Should you receive the paper version of the I-94 card, hold onto the stapled record as part of your permanent records.

What do I do if I find a mistake somewhere on my electronic I-94 record?

It is possible for a CBP officer to make a mistake in the data on a students' electronic I-94 records. Certain errors, particularly ones regarding your visa type or the date of expiration, could have an negative effect on your immigration status. Should you find an error somewhere on your electronic I-94 record, it's likely possible to have it adjusted. Immediately notify the ISAP office if you find any mistakes on your I-94 record.

How can I access my electronic I-94 record?

Once you have entered the U.S., you should print a paper copy of your electronic I-94 card record from the Customs and Border Protection website. It's important to check that your electronic travel record is accurate and accessible. Keep the I-94 record paper copy with your other immigration documents.

What happens to my I-94 record when I leave the country?

If you have a paper I-94 card, that card will be removed from your passport when you exit the country to go overseas, but not if you exit the country to go to Canada, Mexico, or most islands in the Caribbean. A new I-94 record will be issued when you reenter the country. If you have an electronic I-94 record, your departure information will be collected by the U.S. government from airline manifests; under these circumstances, nothing will be collected from you. If you have an electronic I-94 record, but leave the U.S. by a border crossing, Customs and Border Protection recommends that you take other proof of your exit with you.

How can I get more information on I-94 records?

If you have questions about your I-94 record, or want to share an experience you’ve had with the new electronic I-94 system, please feel free to contact ISS. If you want more information regarding the electronic I-94 system, please check the CBP website.