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Chimera Quest: values-based event series

Last updated on Oct 28, 2020

Chimera Quest is an event series based on the college’s values: Community Engagement, Diversity, Mentorship, and Sustainability. The events are created to help you learn more about the college's values and how it shows up in your personal and studio life.

Here's how you participate:

  • Step 1: REGISTER (CCA email required) to learn about Chimera Quest events.
  • Step 2: Choose events that interest YOU!
  • Step 3: Collect as many Chimera buttons to redeem them for prizes.

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Community Engagement

Become engaged and involved within and beyond the CCA community by signing up for Community Engagement Chimera Quest Events. You will be able to interact with the community at large and collaborate to make a difference.

Some of the Chimera Quest events include:

  • For Freedoms Lawn signs
  • Waffle Wednesday
  • Pi Day
  • Art & Craft Fairs

Attending Community Events and receive a RED Chimera Button!

ChimeraQuest Mentorship.png


Get involved with mentorship events and learn about risk taking, collaboration, and innovation. Attend these events to learn and develop your knowledge on topics that are engaging and thought provoking.

Some of the Chimera Quest events include:

  • If I Could Teach You Anything - mini lecture series
  • Time Management Workshop
  • Sister Circles
  • Coffee and Chat with Special Guests

Attending Mentorship Event and receive a TEAL Chimera Button!



Diversity is a value at CCA that is extremely important to us. We aim to promote diversity in different ways and improve access and opportunities for underrepresented groups across both campuses. These Chimera Quest events will give everyone a platform to voice their opinion on important topics that are relevant in today's society.

Some of the Chimera Quest events include:

  • Cookies and Conversations
  • Queer Spa
  • Ask a ____Person
  • Identi-Tea Meetup

Attending Diversity Events and receive a PURPLE Chimera Button!

ChimeraQuest Sustainability.png


Events focused around sustainability are a way to get students to be more environmentally responsible. We believe that as an art school, we have a unique ability to help shape a culture to be more sustainable.

Some of the Chimera Quest events include:

  • DIY Events: Succulents and Tea
  • Swap Shop
  • Box Fort Competition
  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Bowl)

Attending Sustainability Event and receive a GREEN Chimera Button!