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CCA Skillstudio (Staff Professional Development Opportunities)

Last updated on Sep 29, 2022

CCA Skillstudio is a new staff professional development program that will be offering extended synchronous and asynchronous opportunities. We are excited to offer a variety of trainings and workshops throughout the year that address the following themes:

  • Refining your technical skills with CCA platforms
  • Creative reinvention for processes & procedures
  • Back to basics
  • Supporting a culture of care.

You can find the current calendar below with training descriptions. Make sure to check back for updates! We are adding new trainings often.

Please be sure to RSVP to any trainings that you would like to attend by emailing For registered trainings, you will receive a calendar invite with training details. All trainings will be offered online via Zoom.

2022 Calendar of Events


Creating Belonging within Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Work (Culture of Care)
Developing Executive Presence (Creative Reinvention)


Write to Persuade and Influence (Back to Basics)


Interviewing for the Perfect Employee (Back to Basics)
Gmail & Google Drive (Back to Basics)


Google Sheets 101 (Back to Basics)


Retaining a Talented Team Member (Creative Reinvention)

Zoom Tips & Tricks (Back to Basics)


Creating Belonging within Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Work, 10:30am - 12pm

We are excited to welcome Dr. Damon Williams to lead this session! This Skillstudio is open to all faculty and staff. More information is below.

How do we create belonging in an ever changing environment? This session, led by Dr Williams, is designed to help those who have questions around the theme of “belonging” within diversity, equity and inclusion work. Dr. Williams will review the key actions that some institutions are considering, as well as the national context, and promising practices for individuals to strengthen their DEI efforts. To maximize our time together, we ask that you submit your question in advance by clicking here.


Developing Executive Presence, 10am - 12pm

Executive Presence is a leadership workshop with the aim for participants to identify what leadership looks like to them, practice elements of executive presence, explore four mistakes that can damage executive presence, and develop a strategy for overcoming these obstacles.

Deconstruct Executive Presence

  • Three Components
  • Gravitas, Communication, Appearance: Best Practices

Interpersonal Skills for Executive Presence

  • Comfortable Negotiating
  • Effective Feedback
  • Positive Feedback & SSBIR Tools
  • Inspiring & Motivating: Assessment


Write to Persuade and Influence, 10am - 12pm

In this workshop, you will learn practical and useful techniques to organize information clearly and logically, write persuasively, and present a professional image.


Interviewing for the Perfect Employee, 10am - 12pm

Learn innovative techniques and methodology to interview candidates in a way that engenders honest answers and helps to predict future behavior performance. Learn to create fully rounded interview questions, ask questions that get to values, competencies, and predict performance and gain a deeper understanding of the structure of a great interview!


Gmail & Google Drive, 1pm - 3pm

We're excited to welcome back Bobby Deetz, our former Senior Instructional Designer to lead a training on Gmail & Google Drive. This session is geared to folks who need intermediate to advanced training on Gmail & Drive features, settings, and preferences. By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Find and configure important settings and preferences for Gmail
  • Reconfigure your Inbox to better suit your working style
  • Create robust filters and labels to organize your email and help you focus
  • Understand Drive folders, Shared Drives, and collaboration within Drive
  • Consider storage issues and your digital carbon footprint

Click here for the recording (available until August 2022) and tip sheets!


Google Sheets 101, 1pm - 3pm

This is the second of three trainings led by Bobby Deetz, our former Senior Instructional Designer. By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Create Pivot Tables to calculate, summarize, and analyze data
  • Install Add-ons to make Sheets more powerful
  • Input VLOOKUPS (Vertical Lookups) to look up a value in one table to use it in another
  • Insert graphs and charts
  • Use several meaningful tips and tricks 

Click here for the recording (available until October 2022!) and tip sheets.


Retaining a Talented Team Member, 10am - 12pm

When a talented member of your team knocks on the door and asks “Do you have a minute?” the anxiety levels can spike! In today’s competitive job market, turnover can be incredibly expensive and disruptive. It is important that managers be ready to navigate conversations in which valuable employees are considering moving on. We will focus on:

  • Being a good listener and working to understand their thought process
  • Showing appreciation and emphasizing their value to you and CCA
  • Identifying how committed they are to making a move
  • Understanding what, if anything, can be done to change their mind
  • How to clearly align the CCA's goals with those of the employee
  • Selling!
  • Defining clear next steps with communication plan and timelines


Zoom Tips & Tricks, 1pm - 3pm

This is the third of three trainings led by Bobby Deetz, our former Senior Instructional Designer. By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Utilize the engagement tools for participation
  • Set up polling, breakout rooms, and annotate like a boss
  • Manage windows when sharing your screen or viewing a shared screen
  • Select key preferences and manage your Zoom meeting data
  • Use several helpful tips and tricks

Click here for the recording (available until March 2023!) and tip sheets.