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CCA Skillstudio (Staff Professional Development Opportunities)

CCA Skillstudio is a new staff professional development program that will be offering extended synchronous and asynchronous opportunities. We are excited to offer a variety of trainings and workshops throughout the year that address the following themes:

  • Refining your technical skills with CCA platforms
  • Creative reinvention for processes & procedures
  • Back to basics
  • Supporting a culture of care.

You can find the current calendar below with training descriptions. Make sure to check back for updates! We are adding new trainings often.

Please be sure to RSVP to any trainings that you would like to attend by emailing For registered trainings, you will receive a calendar invite with training details. All trainings will be offered online via Zoom.

2021 Calendar of Events


International Employee Policies Presentation and Q & A (Back To Basics)

Workday Report Writing (Technical Skills)

LinkedIn Learning


Workday Worksheets for Ad Hoc Reporting (Technical Skills)

Manager 101 for All (Back To Basics)

InDesign 101 (Technical Skills)


Manager 101 for Student Supervisors (Back To Basics)

“How Can I Be of Help?”: Design Thinking 101 for the Professional (Creative Reinvention) [TO BE RESCHEDULED]


Avoid Burnout While Working Remotely (Culture of Care)

Workday for Managers (Tentative)

Performance Management for All (Tentative)


Goal Setting (Tentative)


Drive Decision Making: Developing a Data Mindset (Creative Reinvention)

Business Services Office (BSO) Process Training 101 (Back to Basics)


CCA Brand Training (Back to Basics)

Understand Chaos At Work, Determine Priorities and Stay Focused (Culture of Care)

October, November, December

More To Come!


International Employee Policies Presentation and Q & A, 3pm - 4:15pm

Join Jared Leung, CCA’s immigration attorney, as he reviews employment issues that most impact international workers and the CCA community. The first half will be his presentation and the second half will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Please click here for the slide deck and click here for the recording of the session.


Workday Report Writing, 9am - 10:30am

This two part workshop will provide you with a baseline introduction to using the Report Writer tool in Workday to create custom reports. There will be some presentation and demonstration, interspersed with several hands-on activities. Come prepared to follow along and build your own reports in Workday.

Click here for the Report Writing Tutorial in Workday.

LinkedIn Learning

Check out our Linkedin Learning portal page for more information! Please note that LinkedIn Learning is only available this year to permanent staff members.


Workday Worksheets for Ad Hoc Reporting, 9am - 10:30am

Worksheets is a relatively new tool within Workday that can help simplify ad hoc reporting, data manipulation, or secure sharing of data and reports with others. Worksheets are available for all staff, faculty and students in Workday. This two part workshop will provide you with several examples of scenarios and methods for using Worksheets, and will include hands-on activities. Come prepared to follow along and get started building your own Worksheets in Workday. It is recommended that you take Workday Report Writing prior to this workshop. For more information about Worksheets, check out this article in Workday. You can also check out this Worksheets tutorial.


Manager 101 for All, 10am - 12pm

This training is for anyone interested in learning about people management and will review the HR lifecycle, hiring basics (sourcing, interviews, selection, offers, Workday), performance management basics (setting up successful relationships with staff, having difficult conversations, performance cycle and evaluation) and also provide toolkits and resources.


InDesign 101, 10am-12pm

Come learn the basics of InDesign, work on an activity and ask questions! All staff have access to InDesign via the Adobe Creative Cloud. Please make sure to download this before the session (instructions can be found here). If you have questions on how to access the Adobe Creative Cloud, please email


Manager 101 for Student Supervisors, 10am - 12pm

Come learn about manager basics for supervising student workers, including student employment eligibility requirements, hiring basics, compliance (rest & meal periods, worker’s comp) performance management basics (setting up successful relationships, having difficult conversations), and also provide resources.


“How Can I Be of Help?”: Design Thinking 101 for the Professional, 10am - 12pm

Every day, your job means asking & answering questions, seeking and/or providing support, coordinating with others, following a process, etc. Could it be done better? Made easier? How might you redesign what you do--and how you do it--to make yourself and fellow stakeholders more satisfied? How do we turn a culture of limitations into one of abundant, satisfying service?

In this 90 minute, highly interactive and playful workshop, you’ll learn the basics of design thinking and work in small groups to discover how a mix of empathy, reframing, brainstorming and idea creation (with a little bit of creativity, imagination, curiosity and ‘beginners’ mind’) might transform how you work and the impact you have on others.


Avoid Burnout While Working Remotely, 10am-12pm

Did you know that burnout is an official medical condition, recognized by the World Health Organization? In this fascinating workshop, you’ll learn the causes of burnout, how it physically affects our brain, and how to recognize (and react) to the symptoms. You'll learn greater awareness and consideration for the causes and treatments of burnout, as well as the ability to counteract it, both long-term and in the moment.


Drive Decision Making: Developing a Data Mindset, 10am-12pm

Understanding how data works is only the start. Learning to use data to impact your daily decisions, plans and processes is a true elevation in the modern decision making. In this workshop you’ll learn to understand, make decisions, and tell stories with data.


Business Services Office (BSO) Process Training 101, 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Join the business office for a refresher on their policies and procedures and ask questions!


CCA Brand Training, 11am-12pm

Details to Come!


Understand Chaos At Work, Determine Priorities and Stay Focused, 10am-12pm

This workshop will teach you to turn confusion and disorder into challenges that you can face. Learning to manage your focus will give you better clarity in the true priorities of your daily tasks and the bigger picture goals.