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Staff Forms and Resources

The majority of Human Resource functions are available to all employees in Workday.

Employee self-service items include:

  • Timesheets and paystubs
  • Compensation and benefit details
  • Update personal and emergency contact information
  • Enroll in the commuter and parking Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Enroll in the 403(b) Retirement Account
  • Submit a job requisition for a new position opening or hire a new worker (managers only)

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CCA 2021 Employer Postings/Legal Updates

Please find some highlights to important legal updates for employees below.

  • AB 2017 – Employees Authorized to Designate Paid Sick Leave Taken for Kin Care. An employee has sole discretion to designate sick leave taken for kin care, i.e., caring for a sick family member. If you are requesting sick time, this can be done in Workday.
  • SB 1383 (Expansion of CFRA Leave):  This new law expands California’s Family Rights Act for the qualifying reasons for leave to include qualifying urgent needs related to a family member being called to active duty.  The bill eliminates prior rights of employers to limit leave to 12 weeks of combined baby-bonding leave when both parents are employees. SB 1383 expands the family member definition to include grandparents, grandchildren, and siblings. For more information, please reference here. For a list of your rights and obligations as a pregnant employee, please reference here.
  • AB 2992 – Expanded Protections for Employee Victims of Crime or Abuse. This bill expands these protections by broadly defining "victim" as 1) a victim of stalking, domestic violence or sexual assault, 2) a victim of a crime that caused physical injury or that caused mental injury and a threat of physical injury, and 3) a person whose immediate family member, as defined, died as the direct result of a crime. AB 2992 defines "crime" as "a crime or public offense as set forth in Section 13951 of the Government Code, and regardless of whether any person is arrested for, prosecuted for, or convicted of, committing the crime."
  • California's Minimum Wage and Overtime Exempt Salary thresholds increased on January 1, 2021. The hourly rate increased to $14/hour and the exempt annual salary threshold increased to $58,240.