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FINAR-6060: Thesis Seminar 1

Course Description

The sequence of Thesis 1 and Thesis 2, along with Exhibitions 1 and Exhibitions 2, comprises the required coursework in which students develop their capstone written thesis and final exhibition projects. These courses encompass both researching and writing the thesis and the preparation and presentation of work in the MFA final exhibition. Both projects begin in the penultimate semester and are completed in the student's final semester at CCA. 

The MFA Thesis is a document that articulates the nature of an artist's work. A typical thesis includes a synopsis of the work's historical and philosophical context, incorporating research on a topic agreed on by student and thesis advisor. In Thesis 1, this research field is established and a clear outline and argument is developed.

The course is expected to meet 22.5 hours in the semester.

The Thesis 1 and Exhibitions 1 sections will meet on alternating Fridays from 12-3 with specific Friday dates for each course section forthcoming.  Class meetings will be held at either the Dogpatch grad studios or on the SF campus as designated within the syllabus. 

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Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites:

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Fall 2022

Section Name Meeting Info
FINAR-6060-1: Thesis Seminar 1
Glen Helfand
  • Fri 12:00-03:00PM, Off Campus - Dogpatch 3
FINAR-6060-2: Thesis Seminar 1
Maria Porges
  • Fri 12:00-03:00PM, San Francisco - Grad Center - GC1
FINAR-6060-3: Thesis Seminar 1
Julian Carter
  • Fri 12:00-03:00PM, San Francisco - Grad Center - GC3

Fall 2020

Section Name Meeting Info
FINAR-6060-1: Thesis 1
Maria Porges
  • Fri 12:00-03:00PM
FINAR-6060-2: Thesis 1
Ranu Mukherjee
  • Fri 12:00-03:00PM
FINAR-6060-3: Thesis 1
Jeanne Finley
  • Fri 12:00-03:00PM

Fall 2019

Section Name Meeting Info
FINAR-6060-1: Thesis
Frances Richard
  • Fri 12:00-03:00PM, San Francisco - Grad Center - GC5
FINAR-6060-2: Thesis
Karen (Ren) Fiss
  • Fri 12:00-03:00PM, San Francisco - Main Building - 141

Fall 2018