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IXDGR-6160: Leadership by Design

Course Description

Meeting the challenges and fulfilling the potential of the 21st Century will require an unprecedented collective shift in perspective and practice. During this period of accelerating change, interconnectedness, and complexity, we have a unique opportunity to design and co-create our shared future. More than ever, we need system leaders who can inspire imagination, organize and energize collective efforts, provide foundational support for the challenges ahead, and call forth the strengths in all of us. A new paradigm of collective system leadership is emerging, committed to asking fundamental questions and listening deeply for answers. System leaders share their commitments to the health of the whole and empower others to learn through collective action. Leadership by Design invites you to explore the qualities of 21st Century system design leaders and to grow your own capacities to collaboratively create the future. This course focuses on how leaders can most effectively foster organizational system health as a foundation for sustainable innovation and performance. A new skill set is emerging based on participative leadership, building and maintaining relationships, and fostering innovation. Leadership by Design explores how team and organizational contexts can be "designed" to supporthealthy working relationships, creative thinking, quality output, and optimal performance. You'll develop self-awareness of your leadership competencies as a platform for applying current practices in systems thinking, strategy and execution, agile systems, motivation, team building, power dynamics, and innovation. You'll exercise your leadership capacities as you work in teams to imagine and "redesign" leadership and organizationalsystems in collaboration with a Community Partner Organization.

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Summer 2021

Section Name Meeting Info
IXDGR-6160-4: Leadership by Design
Susan Worthman, Josh Silverman
  • Tue 4:00-05:55PM, Online - DE-4
IXDGR-6160-5: Leadership by Design
Susan Worthman
  • Tue 4:00-05:55PM, Online - DE-4

Summer 2019

Section Name Meeting Info
IXDGR-6160-1: Leadership by Design
Sharon Green
  • Fri 12:00-05:45PM, San Francisco - Main Building - 250
IXDGR-6160-2: Leadership by Design
Sharon Green
  • Fri 12:00-05:45PM, San Francisco - Main Building - 250
IXDGR-6160-3: Leadership by Design
Shalini Sardana
  • Fri 12:00-05:45PM, San Francisco - Main Building - 250