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IXDGR-6600: IxD Studio: Experience

Course Description

Everything we encounter in society (products, services, brands, processes, events, spaces, systems, even politics) was designed to a lesser or greater degree to optimize a particular quality. Sometimes this quality is the user experience; other times it is technology, management, efficiency, ease of maintenance, or some other factor. This course focuses on designing for the human-experience of interactive systems, while delivering value and meaning to people. In this course, students will explore a broad scope of experience design to consider any and every point at which technology may play a role-which today is almost everywhere. In this class we combine everything we have learned from the previous courses and incorporate it into creating overall human-centered experiences. Services, in particular, will be explored since they often consist of many interactive touch points that warrant careful systematic design to create a unified experience. Students will understand how to conceive, design, visualize and communicate overall experience while using research to inform potential designs, thinking strategically about design, and working within constraints and opportunities that arise from business, technology or policy.

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Summer 2022

Section Name Meeting Info
IXDGR-6600-5: IxD Studio: Experience
Nathan Shedroff
  • Tue 9:00AM-03:00PM, Main Bldg - W1 (MDES Homeroom)
IXDGR-6600-6: IxD Studio: Experience
Agnes Pyrchla
  • Tue/Thu 4:00-07:00PM, Main Bldg - W5 (MDES Studio)
IXDGR-6600-7: IxD Studio: Experience
Alan Walker
  • Tue/Thu 4:00-07:00PM, Main Bldg - W2
IXDGR-6600-8: IxD Studio: Experience
Neil Torrefiel
  • Tue/Thu 2:00-05:00PM, Main Bldg - E5

Summer 2021

Summer 2019

Section Name Meeting Info
IXDGR-6600-1: IxD Studio: Experience
Federico Villa, Neil Torrefiel
  • Tue/Thu 5:00-08:15PM, San Francisco - Main Building - 250
IXDGR-6600-2: IxD Studio: Experience
Haakon Faste
  • Tue/Thu 5:00-08:15PM, San Francisco - Main Building - W5
IXDGR-6600-3: IxD Studio: Experience
Nathan Shedroff
  • Tue 1:00-06:00PM, San Francisco - Main Building - W1