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MARCH-6220: Architectural Theory

Course Description

Architecture Theory explores the key concepts that drive critical, reflective, and innovative practices within architecture from roughly 1968 to today. The course provides an introductory exploration into both western and non-western concepts that posit thinking and writing as an integral part of the discipline. Students read from texts within the architectural discipline or non-architectural texts that hold a powerful influence over it. This course focuses on the development of methods of critical inquiry, comprehension, and writing skill and the translation of theory into various forms of architectural representation.

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Fall 2022

Section Name Meeting Info
MARCH-6220-1: Architectural Theory (Lecture)
Irene Cheng, James Graham
  • Wed 8:00-09:30AM, Main Bldg - Timken Lecture Hall
MARCH-6220-2: Architectural Theory (Discussion)
James Graham
  • Wed 9:30-11:00AM, Hooper GC - GC3
MARCH-6220-3: Architectural Theory (Discussion)
Irene Cheng
  • Wed 11:00AM-12:30PM, Hubbell - 141

Fall 2019

Section Name Meeting Info
MARCH-6220-1: Architectural Theory (Discussion)
Jia Yi Gu
  • Tue 5:35-07:05PM, San Francisco - Main Building - 103
MARCH-6220-2: Architectural Theory (Discussion)
Irene Cheng
  • Tue 7:15-08:45PM, San Francisco - Main Building - E1
MARCH-6220-3: Architectural Theory (Lecture)
Irene Cheng, Jia Yi Gu
  • Tue 4:00-05:30PM, San Francisco - Main Building - Timken Lecture Hall

Fall 2018

Section Name Meeting Info
MARCH-622-01: Architectural Theory
Irene Cheng