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DESGN-6690-4: DC: Context: Social Critique

Fall 2021

Subject: Graduate Design
Type: Seminar
Delivery Mode: Online
Level: Graduate

Course Dates: September 01, 2021 — December 14, 2021
Meetings: Tue 5:00-07:00PM
Instructor: Saraleah Fordyce

Units: 3.0
Enrolled: 14/12 Closed


This research, discussion, and writing based course examines social critique as a disposition and discourse within design practice. From graphic political activism, to radical challenges to ideology and identity in images, to speculative design; this course looks closely at both critique of, and alternative modes of interaction and living. No matter where art and design fall within that matrix, the goal is not simply to function efficiently but to change lives either in direct material ways or in conceptual ones, by changing the way people think. We will focus on specific objects, histories, and philosophies; and students will be invited and required to bring their own examples and interests to class as well. Context topics courses examine the application of design through multiple critical and cultural lenses. Topics for the course, chosen at the discretion of the instructor, could include media, the body, ecology, economics, politics, technology, history and other areas that may be addressed through multiple distinct discursive approaches. In each case, the topic in question is examined as a field of actual or potential design practice rather than as a static horizon for objective research. Requirements include writing among outcomes.

Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites:

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