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DESGN-6720-4: Context: Citizen Science in the Anthropocene

Spring 2022

Subject: Graduate Design
Type: Seminar
Delivery Mode: In-Person
Level: Graduate

Campus: San Francisco
Course Dates: January 18, 2022 — May 08, 2022
Meetings: Wed 12:00-03:00PM, San Francisco - Main Building - 101 (inactive)
Instructor: Mary Ellen Hannibal

Units: 3.0
Enrolled: 6/12


This class will introduce the basic concepts of citizen science and the Anthropocene. Citizen science allows regular people to contribute to scientific research. It is a meaningful way to face challenges in our time of global change, the Anthropocene. The class will introduce both concepts with a strong focus on biodiversity loss, including imperial and colonial causes. It will explore change over time through storytelling, history, and data. As we re-orient ourselves to a strange new world we will also help other life forms survive it. In addition to regular assignments, students will be required to make weekly biodiversity observations using the online tool iNaturalist.

Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites:

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