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IXDGR-6350-3: Interaction Design Electives: Futureproof: Creative Skills for Adaptability & Change

Spring 2024

Subject: Graduate Interaction Design
Type: Workshop
Delivery Mode: In-Person
Level: Graduate

Campus: San Francisco
Course Dates: January 16, 2024 — May 05, 2024
Meetings: Thu 4:00-07:00PM, Main Bldg - W1 (MDES Homeroom)
Instructor: Shawn Sprockett

Units: 3.0
Enrolled: 9/15


Despite the splash of "creative" AI in the last year, The Future of Jobs Report by the World Economic Forum suggests that Creativity continues to be a rising in-demand trait among human workers (currently ranked second only to Analytical Thinking). Futureproof transcends the current design tools, methodologies, and technology—and instead prepares designers with evergreen creative skills and universally-applicable critical thinking practices. Weekly research-based drills will reprogram their way of looking at the world and make creative careers—especially in entrepreneurship and research—more attainable. We'll examine the threats and opportunities that a fast-changing AI landscape presents, hear from leading neuroscientists on the latest research on creativity, speak with illustrators and political scientists to understand how creativity is being employed across commercial and global social problems, and conclude with an ambitious final project—to create something that has never existed before. This course prepares students with unexpected strategies in anticipation of a future that is both unpredictable and—most definitely—creative.

Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites:

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