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MARCH-6210-1: Architectural Analysis

Fall 2021

Subject: Graduate Architecture
Type: Seminar
Delivery Mode: Online
Level: Graduate

Course Dates: September 01, 2021 — December 14, 2021
Meetings: Wed 8:00-10:00AM
Instructor: Janette Kim

Units: 3.0
Enrolled: 5/12


This course explores the study of precedent architecture as both an analytic and generative tool. The class exposes students to key works of architecture, including built and analytical works by modern masters and emerging architectural practices, as case studies for strategies that can be extracted and transformed for the design of an architectural project. The analysis of strategic principles from precedent case studies is presented as an integral part of the design process: the rigorous consideration of precedent fosters a deeper connection of students' design work with the discipline itself, better enabling them to position their ideas in the context of the larger discourse.Online course sections will be delivered with both asynchronous and synchronous components as outlined in the course syllabus. Required online synchronous meeting times are listed as the meeting pattern for this course section.

Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites:

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