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Payroll FAQ

When is payday?

Payroll checks are issued twice a month, on the 15th and last day of the month. If either of those days falls on a weekend or a holiday, the payday is the preceding workday.

How is my check calculated?

Annual contracts are paid semimonthly from August 31 through August 15 (a total of 24 pay periods).

  • Fall and Spring contracts are paid over 8 pay periods (1/8 of the contract is paid per check).

Note: Your signed contract and/or hiring paperwork must be returned to the Human Resources, Payroll, or Academic Affairs offices at least eight business days prior to the first payroll processing or you will not receive a check on the first payday.

Once your contract/paperwork has been submitted, the next check will include retroactive pay for the missed pay period(s). Subsequent checks will be paid at the applicable share of the contract for the remainder of the semester.

How do I get my check?

Your paycheck is mailed to your home address with the intent that it reaches you by payday. Because the U.S. Postal Service is sometimes uncertain, we recommended you enroll in direct deposit, to ensure secure and timely receipt of your paycheck.

Please refer to the information regarding direct deposit below. It is also important to submit all address changes to Academic Affairs, Payroll, and Human Resources offices in a timely manner.

To pick up your check in person, send a written and signed request to Amy Flaherty, payroll manager, on the San Francisco campus, or email your request to .

Be sure to include your complete contact information. Check pick-up locations are listed below.

Oakland Campus:
Pam Hampton, Oliver Art Center
San Francisco campus
Faculty mailbox

Checks are available beginning at 9 a.m. each payday.

Is direct deposit available?

Yes! You can have your paychecks direct deposited to your checking or savings account. Upon submission of the Employee Direct Deposit form, it takes one payroll cycle to set up direct deposit with your bank.

If your semester contracts are not continuous, you may need to reapply for direct deposit, as some banks will terminate the payroll connection due to perceived inactivity. Employee Direct Deposit forms can be attained at either the Human Resources Office in Oakland or the Payroll Office in San Francisco.

How do I change my tax-withholding allowance?

Your tax withholding can be updated at any time. Complete a new W4 tax document and submit to Human Resources or Payroll.

See also Staff Forms & Resources to download other Human Resources–related forms.