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Your Voice, Our CCA | DEIB Campus Climate Survey

Last updated on Mar 15, 2023

The 2023 DEIB Campus Climate Survey is Open! (March 1st through March 31st)

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You can access the survey on another device by scanning the QR code.

Your Voice, Our CCA

We are all a part of making CCA an incredible place to work, learn, teach, and create. However, we may not all have the same experiences.

  • Who feels included or excluded?
  • Who is thriving and who is not?
  • What are the norms in our environment?
  • How do faculty, staff, and students treat one another?

The Campus Climate Survey is a powerful tool to better understand the perceptions and experiences of students, faculty, and staff, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and measure progress on key commitments around diversity, equity, and inclusion. The data collected will inform the activities aimed at achieving a more equitable and inclusive campus environment. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete, and it can be filled out on your computer or mobile device.

Incentives Introduced!

We want to hear from as many of you as possible, and we have acquired community incentives to help us reach our goal. For every 100 additional student surveys received, we’ll enter EVERY student into a prize drawing and immediately giveaway:


  • a 750.00 academic tuition grant*
  • a Nintendo Switch (value at 250.00)
  • a “Supply Spark Kit” from ARCH Art Supplies (value at 100.00)
  • and a CCA swag bag

Faculty & Staff

  • a 750.00 academic tuition grant*
  • a Nintendo Switch (value at 250.00)

The more surveys received, the more drawings and chances to win! 

*Chances of winning depend on how many complete the survey

*Scholarships may only be applied to tuition balances. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must either have an outstanding tuition balance or be enrolled in a subsequent semester to which the scholarship can be applied.

Survey Hosted By Higher Education Data Service (HEDS) Consortium

Your Voice, Our CCA is administered through the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS), an organization of colleges and universities committed to sharing data, knowledge, and expertise to advance undergraduate liberal arts education, inclusive excellence, and student success.

The HEDS Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey measures elements of campus support for our diversity as a community, and our inclusiveness as a college. The survey is administered to obtain feedback from the entire campus community – students, faculty, and staff – and is designed to help:

  • Bolster CCA’s goal to be an inclusive community
  • Surface the experiences of all members of our community
  • Provide CCA with comprehensive data to guide and assess current DEIB strategies
  • Identify where there is the greatest need for action to improve the culture of CCA

HEDS is a nationally benchmarked survey and is administered for confidentiality.

  • Responses are anonymous
  • Personal information, including respondents’ email addresses and IP addresses are NOT part of any data CCA receives
  • Data and responses are aggregated into broad categories to maintain the anonymity of respondents.

Working Together to Shape CCA’s Future

In partnership with the vice president of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and senior leaders, future discussions and creative activities will emerge for divisions and academic programs across the college to utilize data received from the Campus Climate Survey to continuously improve everyone’s CCA experience.

Special thanks to these Your Voice, Our CCA partners.

Human Resources

Academic Affairs

Institutional Research

Office of Student Belonging & Inclusion

Faculty Senate

Staff Advisory Committee

First-Year Program

Student Affairs

Technology Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DEIB Campus Climate Survey?

This Campus Climate Survey is a tool used to gather data and information about the experiences and perceptions of members of a campus community regarding issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB).

Why measure the DEIB campus climate?

Measuring the DEIB campus climate would help CCA to identify areas where it needs to improve in order to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of their community.

Who will measure the DEIB campus climate?

The survey is being conducted on behalf of CCA by an outside vendor, the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium

How long does the survey take?

The length of the survey can vary depending on the specific questions included but typically takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Does everybody have to take the survey?

While participation in the survey is voluntary, all members of the CCA community are strongly encouraged to participate.

Can I be identified from my responses?

No. If you don't voluntarily provide your name through the open-ended answers, it won't be disclosed. To protect the anonymity of all participants, data will only be reported in an aggregated form.

What happens after I take the survey?

After the survey has been completed, the findings will be shared with stakeholders to identify areas of strength and improvement. The data will also be used for data-driven diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic planning, and as a baseline for longitudinal research to track changes over time.

After I take the survey, how is the data stored and is it secure?

To ensure the confidentiality of respondents, HEDS utilizes Qualtrics, a secure survey engine, and SendSafely's end-to-end encryption. HEDS takes several measures to safeguard the privacy of survey data and participant information during survey administration and presenting results to CCA. The data shared with CCA does not include any personal information, such as name, email address, campus ID number, or institution-provided race/ethnicity and gender. Identifiable information is removed or combined into broader categories to protect respondents' anonymity. For additional information on how HEDS maintains confidentiality, please visit their website.

Who can take the survey?

All members of the CCA community, including students, faculty, and staff, are invited to take the survey.

Why are staff/faculty being surveyed (aren’t surveys addressed to students)?

Staff and faculty members are an integral part of the CCA community, and their experiences and perceptions are important for understanding the overall campus climate.

I’m not active on DEI issues, why should I complete the survey?

Even if you are not actively involved in DEI issues, your experiences and perceptions are still valuable and can provide important information for institutional efforts to improve the campus climate.

Can international students complete the survey?

Yes, international students are encouraged to participate in the survey as they are an integral part of our CCA community.

Can graduate students complete the survey or is this aimed at undergrads?

Graduate students are invited to participate in the survey along with undergraduate students.

Is this something others schools are doing?

Yes, many colleges and universities are conducting DEIB Campus Climate Surveys as part of their ongoing efforts to improve campus climate and promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

Are there any incentives for taking the survey?

While some institutions may offer incentives for participation in the survey, such as entry into a prize drawing, the survey is designed to gather voluntary and honest feedback from individuals without any extrinsic motivators. However, at this time we are looking at obtaining resources to offer community-wide incentives for participation, such as prize drawings for reaching completion milestones. Stay tuned for more information.

Are the survey topics emotionally challenging?

The survey asks questions about experiences of belonging and inclusion as well as discrimination and harassment you may have witnessed or experienced. Recalling these experiences can be difficult. As a reminder, you can skip any questions you don't wish to answer. Wellness Resources are available if you wish to seek support.

Further Questions?

Your questions and comments are very important as we continue through this process. Please share by contacting Tricia Brand at