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Last updated on Feb 29, 2024

Medical or Mental Health Emergencies

  • Call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room

Urgent, Non-Emergency Mental Health Concerns

  • Call CCA's mental health crisis hotline number: 415.551-9344 (available 24/7)

Campus-Related Emergencies

For additional information, please visit Medical Emergencies

CCA is committed to its community members’ academic, professional, and artistic well-being by focusing on:

Mental Health & Wellness

California College of the Arts recognizes mental health and wellness is as equally important as physical health and wellness. This section offers students information about access to mental-health services through the college or community resources. It also provides information to consider when using insurance.

CCA's Counseling & Psychological Services

Counseling & Psychological Services is committed to personal development and professional advancement of students engaged in an arts-based educational environment fostering creativity, curiosity, and diversity. Counseling & Psychological Services encourages student success and well-being by providing a broad spectrum of mental health services, including individual and couples therapy, crisis intervention, consultation, referral, workshops on mental health topics, and outreach.

For urgent, non-emergency mental health issues requiring immediate attention, call:

  • CCA's mental health crisis hotline number: 415.51.9344. [They are available 24/7 during 365 days a year.]

For more information, including appointment scheduling, visit:

Non-CCA Mental Health Resources

Navigating Mental Health Services can be overwhelming. If you would like support and/or direct referrals from the CCA counseling team please call to book a consultation at 415.551.9267.

Using Health Insurance for Mental Health Services

When students are referred outside the college for psychotherapy, they often have questions about how to find a therapist, how to navigate health insurance, and how to schedule the first appointment.

More information

Additional Resources (provided by the CAPS team to support your self-care journey)

Physical Health & Wellness

California College of the Arts is committed to ensuring all students have the appropriate resources to uphold their physical health and wellness.

Student Insurance Plan

Per CCA policy, all students who are registered for courses at full-time status (12 or more units per term for undergraduate students; 9 or more units per term for graduate students) are automatically charged for and enrolled in the CCA student insurance plan unless they submit an approved insurance waiver that meets all of CCA's minimum requirements, by the established deadline​ - which is typically aligned with the end of the Add/Drop period.​

For additional information - including exceptions for part-time students & students on an approved leave of absence (for medical reasons) please refer to Student Insurance Requirement & Eligibility Policy.

To review/confirm your enrollment or waiver status, please visit to log into your student account.

The CCA student insurance plan includes:

  1. One Medical Membership (healthcare provider)
  2. Health Insurance Coverage
  3. Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage

Special Deals for Students on the CCA Student Insurance Plan

More Information

Gym Memberships

Fitness SF offers special membership discounts to CCA students.

  • Signing Up
    • Fitness SF offers the following 2 options for CCA students:
      • $199 / 3 months prepaid
      • $249 / 4 month prepaid
    • Use this link to sign up using your CCA email address.
    • The membership does not auto renew. Members will be emailed with an option to renew at the same rate if they want.
  • Locations
  • Classes
    • Classes, which are included with a membership, are offered at the Fillmore, Transbay, and Mid-Market locations.
    • Class schedules are available online and through the App. (Members get access to the App when they sign up.)
  • Personal Training
    • Members are able to meet with a personal trainer for a complimentary session.
    • However, if they wish to continue on a personalized program with a trainer those sessions can be purchased after the initial session.

More Information

Substance Abuse Resources

For a list of campus and off-campus resources please visit:

Social Health & Wellness

CCA offers a variety of social/wellness-focused programming, resources, and special offers for CCA students (e.g., gym discounts) in the weekly Student Affairs News and Announcements. Options include activities and events hosted by the Office of Student Life; sports and athletic activities organized by student groups; and programming sponsored by other offices.

Interested students are encouraged to check their CCA email, campus fliers, and the CCA Portal for updates.

Spiritual Health & Wellness

CCA's Prayer, Meditation, and Reflection space allows students and employees to experience a place of peace and sanctuary. The room was designed by LMNOP Design, a San Francisco-based firm that was founded by and consists of CCA Architecture alumni.

The space is located on the San Francisco Main Building, between W2 and the Student Lounge.

There are significant benefits of meditation. It may help improve academic performance and support good mental health.