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2D Printing Services

CCA offers a variety of printing options in the computer labs and libraries on both the Oakland and San Francisco campuses. Most Lab printers are also accessible via laptop. If you would like to print to any of CCA's lab printers from your laptop, please follow the Laptop Printing instructions.

For wide format and high quality output, please visit the Digital Fine Art Studio (DFAS) on the Oakland Campus or the Digital Color Center (DCC) on the San Francisco Campus.

In order to use all printers at CCA, you must have an active CCA print account, and this is done by activating your CCA directory account. Visit the Print Pricing page for pricing information for the various print services at CCA. If you need to add funds to your account, please go to PaperCut User page and choose Add Credit to your PaperCut Account.

For assistance printing using PaperCut, please refer to CCA's Printing How Tos.

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