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Printing via Laptop (macOS) to Lab Printers

Last updated on Sep 21, 2023

PaperCut Client Installation

1 Add the PaperCut Software to your laptop computer

PaperCut Client macOS Papercut macOS Client

2 Locate installer in Downloads folder

Hold control key while clicking on installer, select Open

Avoid printer queues 'Bonjour Shared' or ending with '@_____'

If there are printers queues in the Add Printer / Bonjour list that are labeled 'Bonjour Shared' or have a name that ends with '@_______' . These are NOT official CCA Papercut printers and should be avoided.

As a courtesy to other users, please disable Printer Sharing on our personal laptop in System Settings.

3 Click open at the following window

If window does not appear, proceed to Step 4

4 At the "Install Papercut PCClient v21"

Click continue and follow the onscreen instructions to install Papercut

5 Make sure the "PCClient" is open on your desktop

Login with your CCA credentials, click OK

Adding Printers Instructions

1 Method 1 for adding printers

In some applications, you can select from the 'Nearby Printers' drop-down list, then click 'Print'

If the 'Nearby Printers' drop-down is not an option, use Method 2

2 Method 2 for adding printers

Go to macOS Systems Settings > Printers & Scanners, select desired printer then click Add

3 Add CCA credentials for printer queue (one-time only)

  • Enter your CCA credentials at printer window
  • Check box 'Remember this password in my keychain', click OK

Printing Instructions

1 For each print job, PaperCut window will launch

Login with your CCA credentials, click OK

2 PaperCut will ask you to confirm the price of your print job and selected printer

Confirm by clicking 'Print' then file will be sent to the printer